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As a company, Leather Miracles is defined by our passion for leather, and our commitment to working in close partnership with our customers. The combination of our leather knowledge, passion, and creativity with our customers’ furniture expertise results in products of striking style, steadfast quality, lasting value and timeless appeal.


Leather chairPeople have been tanning hides into leather since the Paleolithic Era. Today, leather remains universally chic and popular. In fact, tanned hides have retained their allure for centuries. The appreciation for skillfully crafted leather that encompasses the constitution and beauty of this natural product continues to grow.  Furthermore, leather’s versatility and durability only serves to increase its appeal.

Of course tanning technology has evolved significantly over the millennia, but, every day, we at Leather Miracles seek to create and source products that help retain leathers’ eternal essence of natural beauty. We are vigilant to be sure that we more than satisfy the needs of our customers. They, in turn, can count on exceeding the expectations of their own customers.


Leather Miracles is sui generis in the leather and furniture business in that we offer three distinct but mutually beneficial services to our customers. We sell whole hides for furniture upholstery, furniture upholstery cut and sew kits, as well as fully finished furniture. With these three services, employed in tandem or separately, Leather Miracles is poised to help a business partner dynamically and comprehensively. We are equipped to service very large companies with a steady demand for volume, or smaller companies that have more exclusive requirements.

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Headquartered in the heart of the United States’ furniture country, Leather Miracles has been global in scope since its inception. Whole hides are sourced from South America, Asia, and Europe, as well as finished at the U.S. plant. We manufacture finished furniture in three locations in China, and make cut and sew kits in two. Leather Miracles’ leather technicians are a constant presence on the ground with our tanning partners in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, China, India, and Italy. Members of the Leather Miracles management team are also fixtures at all of the finished goods facilities in Asia. Our global reach allows us to monitor our customers’ interests closely and provide them with accurate information from firsthand accounts. We coordinate efficiently from across the globe with our manufacturing partners to meet our customers’ requirements down to the finest detail. The worldwide span of the Leather Miracles network also engenders a similar perspective throughout the company, which is extremely beneficial when we develop new products and design strategies with our partners for a growing global marketplace.


Leather Miracles was co-founded by Tim Scopes and David Mathison, who each contribute important components to the company and help facilitate successful partnerships with customers. After attending the National Leathersellars College in London, Tim has been a stylistic and technical pioneer in the field of innovating leather products, working with tanneries and leather technicians around the world. Tim is respected throughout the industry for his mechanical expertise and business acumen. David Mathison has worked in several different capacities in the field of sales and marketing in the leather industry, remaining in the trend-setting vanguard over the course of his 35- year career. He has worked with various companies, including Lackawana Leather, at the time the largest tannery in the U.S., where he was the youngest Vice Presidents of Sales in the company’s history. He is regarded as a trailblazer in the leather industry, with a wealth of experience, and an unparalleled understanding of the market.


Leather Traditions

Without forgetting our North Carolina roots, it is the goal of Leather Miracles to apply our expertise, constant efforts and exclusive products in concert with those of our partners, to seek out new opportunities and markets, and continue to stay ahead of the curve of the global furniture market. As the global economy becomes ever more interconnected, we feel our current perspective endows us with a unique ability to offer value and exemplary service. It is our objective to continue to create lasting partnerships with furniture manufacturers who seek to stay on the crest of the wave leading to new business frontiers.

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