We provide an array of Pure Aniline, Aniline Top Grain and Aniline Corrected Leathers in several style categories. Here is a small sampling of the thousands of leathers in our comprehensive catalogue.


Discover Leather Miracles' in stock styles: Ashby, Bellaire, Estancia, Montanga, Phelps, Trastevere, and Venerando. A beautiful mix of vintage and contemporary, performance and anilines with a bold array of colors. Guarantee up to 1,500 SF stock. 


Our large selection includes many colors and styles, all with the smooth, supple texture and lighter weight that works best on the clean, straight lines of contemporary or transitional frames. Special effects such as hand-rubbing, kela coat, and monochromatic colors are featured in this section. Pricing is varied: affordable corrected hides are sometimes designed for contemporary and transitional styles—yet so are high quality, hand-rubbed, very fine hides.


This group has a robust, Old World look with many wax/oil pull-ups and hand-rubbed special effects. Thicker weights are also included, especially those that are well-suited to the oversize frames of lodge designs and those with wood/nail head trim. Vintage leathers are not all rustic — many are finely detailed and resemble the traditional upholstery found in mid-century American restaurants and hotels. In both cases, the leathers have great character and although they are new, they present a rich, well-worn look. Pricing varies— affordable corrected hides can be designed as vintage products. Yet many of these leathers are expertly crafted using the finest hides.


This wide-ranging group includes many types of leather finishes, all which would work well on traditional styles – those with nail head trim, deep tufting, English arms, skirting, and more. These leathers can be matte finish and deeply colored, or corrected leathers with a high sheen and pebble grain. Although the hides may be robust and hearty, a traditional hide may also be elegant and luxurious. All are classic and not trendy. Pricing is varied, depending on the quality of the hides and the techniques applied.