• Tatra

    Inspired by today’s need for super-thick leather, Tatra fills the bill. Naturally. Right at home on any piece, in any... Read More

  • Calcutta

    Calcutta has been designed to be used primarily as an accent for mix and match styles using a combination of... Read More

  • Kashmir

    Kashmir provides a full-bodied look and feel, with a substantial grain pattern and a hearty sheen. Robust and thick-cut, this... Read More

  • Crescendo

    The meaning of Crescendo – intensity.  This product does have intensity in multi-tone hues and deep colorations.  These colors are... Read More

  • Cordillera

    Cordillera’s pronounced grain, like the unique bark of a sequoia tree, distinguishes it from other leathers. Hand-rubbed to perfection, each... Read More

  • Matador

    Inspired by the wonderful leather club chairs from the twenties and thirties, Matador exudes richness. A perfect fit on today’s... Read More

  • Alfresco

    Developed to expand the application of authentic looks onto a broader range of styles, Alfresco accurately recreates the ambiance of... Read More

  • James River
    James River

    You can’t judge a book by its cover is an adage that nicely sums up the allure of James River.... Read More

  • Brindisi

    The “worn-in” look is inspired by the wonderful ambience created by the natural patina that develops over the lifetime of... Read More