Leather Miracles provides three distinct yet complementary services to customers.

Whole Hides.

From the inception of the company, the whole hide business has been a key component of Leather Miracles.Our respected line has remarkable breadth and width, with a large range of styles.  From leathers designed to showcase the more architectural and structural aspects of contemporary pieces, to those with distinctive, vintage character to enhance more traditional pieces, our selection is unmatched.

Our leathers span the spectrum from promotionally priced corrected products to the most naked and supple unfinished aniline leathers, and from avant-garde conceptual leathers to market-tested mainstays. whole hidesOur emphasis, however, remains on the value that you and your customers can see and feel.

While we are probably best known for our exceptionally soft hand-rubbed leather, we also offer nubuck and suede, wipe-off leather, oil and wax pull-up, embossed prints, wipe-on leather, buffalo hides, as well as drum-dyed monochromatic anilines, and much more. Some Leather Miracles products make use of latest in leather tanning technology; others are produced one hide at a time with the human touch of a skilled craftsman.

Cut-and-Sew Upholstery Kits.

Drawing upon the versatility and diverse choices of our whole hide line and capitalizing on the value offered by our facilities in Asia, we create practical and beautiful cut-and-sew kits for furniture manufacturers. This is always an attractive option for those who are seeking to add the value of out-sourcing to their domestically made product.

Finished Furniture.

leather couchLeather Miracles operates three state-of-the-art furniture manufacturing facilities in Asia, with the capability of producing a wide variety of furniture to meet the demands of a variety of markets. In fact, we are an exclusive Original Equipment Manufacturer for major furniture brands within the United States. Shipping our cut-and-sew kits and finished furniture from three major ports, Shanghai, Yantian (Shenzhen, Guangdong Province), and Qingdao (Zibo City, Shandong Province), we have the ability to meet the demands of customers in a constantly changing market.  Maintaining Western industry standards and quality craftsmanship remain our highest priorities, as well as establishing clear and direct communication with our customers. Another imperative for Leather Miracles is the seamless implementation of our customers’ requirements at our Asian manufacturing facilities. Upholding these core business values means that each facility has a constant Western management and appraisal presence.

We make furniture ranging in style from traditional to transitional to contemporary, including furniture with motion, electronic features, and exposed wood detailing. In addition, our wide network of resources allows us the capacity to use other upholstery materials, providing our customers with increased variety and choice. At Leather Miracles, every customer order is treated equally, whether small or large. All our customers are important.